Disposal Methods

Disposal - I recycle or rejob all leftover water based paint products. All oil base paints, stains, laquers, thinners, and shellac are disposed of at local toxic waste collection sites.

I take captured debris, vacuum contents, sanding rinse water, TSP rinse water, and any leftover materials to toxic waste disposal sites. I sort all other items such as masking film, paper, cardboard, paint cans and other containers, for recycle and finally landfill disposal.

My son calls this process "thoroughlization," but I think green painting pretty well covers it.

Any painter can use a "green" paint and call himself a "green painter". But I wanted to do more. My extensive painting experience allowed me to develop a process that goes far beyond the use of "green" paint. In each painting project now, from start to finish, I strive to be a responsible steward of your health and the environment.