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My painting career began when I was senior in High School. I worked for a local painting contractor for a year or so to earn enough money to travel. I've painted for family and friends on weekends over the last 30 years.

As one career ended a new one sprang up, and I became a "real" painting contractor, formerly doing business as "The Lonesome Painter" (CA license #833280).

In addition, I am also certified to perform "Lead Safe" paint preparation on properties built prior to 1978.

About my business....

I have changed my painting practices to be more enviro-friendly. In fact, I've changed my company name to reflect my new painting philosophy to "Go Green Painting Company". It's not just a name change, it's eco upgrade. From the green products I use to enhanced cleanup and disposal techniques, I am the greenest painting company in Sacramento!! No VOC paints, primers & fillers are just the beginning of the green experience. Disposal of unused paints and primers can be costly and time consuming, but necessary. I also recycle or reuse everything possible from the job site including: paint containers, waste paper, cardboard shields, etc. I'm not trying to save the earth from disaster, I'm just doing my part. I'm a small operation with attention to detail and personal service. Eleven years of satisfied clients and growing.

Green painting is the next step in providing up to date painting services to my client base.

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